Carl has joined the Cross Roads team with a passion to helping our clients using their full potential.  Carl is a retired school bus driver, and has been exposed to the 'teen' world for several years!  He's already "re"-met several of our teen clients as past bus rider students, and because he made a memorable impression on them in their early years, they remember the 'good 'ol days' of being on that "big yellow banana!"  We're absolutely delighted to have Carl be part of our team, and are watching him grow as an instrctor each and every day!

Chris comes to us with some very similar experiences that Pam and I have, not to mention his own creative ideas and ways of teaching!  Chris' full-time job is Bargaining Chairman for the Local 658 union at Navistar, and comes to Cross Roads with enthusiasm both inside the training vehicles as well as the classroom!  We're thrilled to have Chris with us, and has proven himself as an asset to our company in many valuable ways!

Our staff have all achieved licensing through the State of Ohio Department of Public Safety's Ohio Driver Training office.  This training consists of at least 40-hours of instruction which provides detailed material that is incorporated in the everyday instruction of teen and adults drivers. All staff have undergone thorough background checks through the Bureau of Criminal Investigation as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation's fingerprinting system, and are all regulated as instructors under the direction of the Department of Criminal Justice.

Staff members are always ready to ensure the clients' needs and will always uphold the Ohio Administrative and Revised codes as they pertain to driving regulations.  Thus, corrective measures are from time-to-time necessary to instill in our clients driving habits and learning phases. As it may sound harsh to some within the confines of the classroom or vehicles, it is a necessary entity of driving school instruction.   Safety is the number one concern of all staff members - because "we all have family members at home whom we want to see after work each and every day too!"

Our Staff

Rick and Pam have nearly forty-years of combined adult and teen education instruction as well as healthcare work and education instruction experience. They're here to commit to you as the client, and will make every effort to ensure a safe and interesting learning environment, as well as quality education experience - especially at the teen driving level.  Springfield and Clark County has been home for all of Rick's life, and all but ten of Pam's and they saw a need to start this driving school AND something concrete and meaningful within their hometown.  "Achieving better adults and teens behind the wheel is something that needs to be done in our area, especially from what we've 'seen' and, unfortunately, been 'forced to deal with' in our healthcare professional lives as Paramedic and nursing providers."

The Owners

​​​Springfield's "full-service" Driving School

1475 Upper Valley Pike  Springfield, OH   45504 (937-342-0011)​​

Achieving Better Drivers, One Student at a Time

Judy ​comes to us with enthusiasm and willingness, and has seen teens develop their driving skills from two different driving schools throughout her instructor career and is excited to be part of the Cross Roads team.  As a retired individual she's not yet ready to totally give it all up just yet, so we're excited to know that she's willing to continue developing young drivers to the best of their abilities!  

The owners want parents, teen students, and adults in Clark and surrounding counties needing driver training needs to realize they have several choices in which driving school educates them - encouraging everyone to look into all of their possibilities before making an informed decision and education commitment.  "We all bring something unique to the education table, we just want you to ensure that you have the right 'fit' to become educated!"

Judy Wright

Carl North

Chris DeWitt