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​​​​Cross Roads Driver Training Center, LLC of Springfield now offers a variety of offerings to students:

Hours of Operation:

Office Hours:  Office hours vary throughout the week, as student scheduling needs are our first priority.  Please call (937)342-0011 and leave a message anytime.  Your call is VERY important to us and will be returned as soon as possible.  Calls are NOT received/returned during classroom or in-car driving sessions.

Class "D" Classroom Hours:  Monday's through Thursday's from 6:00pm - 9:15pm

In-car driving hours are pre-scheduled by student or parent/guardian

Complete Class "D" Teen Driving Course - 

The Class D Teen Driving Course in Springfield meets the State of Ohio Public Safety's driving school's design for the beginning teen driver. The course consists of:

  • 24-hours of in-class instruction by a state licensed instructor
  • 8-hours of behind the wheel instruction with a state licensed instructor

This course is designed for those who are 15 years and 5 months, those who are 15 years and 6 months and hold a valid temporary State of Ohio Graduated Driver License, or students who are 16-18 years of age and hold a valid temporary State of Ohio Graduated Driver License.

On-line Teen Driving Course

The On-line Teen Driving Course is provided to students who wish to take the driving school course at their own pace.  Students have the opportunity to enjoy learning in the comfort of their own home or surroundings, and can take up to 4-hours* of instruction per day until the course is completed.  After their first two-hours of instruction, students may bring in a Certificate of Enrollment to Cross Roads Driver Training Center, LLC and begin their in-car driving.  Upon completion of the on-line course, students will bring in a Certificate of Completion certificate (issued by the On-line driving school), then when all requirements have been met Cross Roads will issue the student their final completion certificate, at which time the student is permitted to obtain their Ohio Probationary License.  

(*NOTE:  Per the Ohio Revised and Administrative Codes, students are NOT permitted any more than 4-hours of training PER DAY.  This means that an on-line student may NOT schedule an in-car drive session with Cross Roads Driver Training Center, LLC on the same day they have an on-line classroom session.)

In-Car Driving Instruction

This option is for students 18 years of age and younger who are currently taking (or have completed) an on-line driving school other than the one offered by Cross Roads Driver Training Center, LLC.  Students MUST bring in their on-line driving school-issued Certificate of Enrollment - and the school-issued Certificate of Completion certificate (if the on-line course has already been completed) - to obtain the in-car instruction from our instructors.

Adult Basic Driver Training

This basic course is designed for adults over the age of 18 years of age who need to obtain their Ohio driver license, and consists of an 8-hour in-car training.  The course is divided into four (4) two-hour driving sessions.  These sessions are designed to meet the needs of each student's abilities, keeping safety first and foremost.  For most students, these four progressive driving sessions guide the student through the driving process in a manner that allows for licensing success.  Please keep in mind, should the instructors feel that the student needs additional driving sessions to be a beginning safe driver, staff and the student will add additional driving sessions as they deem necessary for success.

Adult Remedial Training

This one day 8-hour course meets the State of Ohio's requirements for driver's license reinstatement for a 12-point suspension, court ordered actions, or for a 2-point reduction.  Classes are offered once a month, and meet on pre-scheduled Sundays from 8:00am TO 5:00pm (includes a lunch break)  Certificates are issued upon full completion of the course.  Classes begin promptly at 8:00am - tardiness is not accepted due to Ohio regulations.  Please see calendar for scheduled dates.

Abbreviated Adult Course

​The Abbreviated Adult Driving Course is a State of Ohio requirement for any driver 18 years of age or older who has not previously held a driver's license and who did not pass the Ohio driver's test (either the maneuverability or driving portion) on the first attempt.  A completion certificate showing successful completion of the course must be presented to the testing station before a second attempt at the Ohio driving test. 

The Abbreviated Adult Driving course consists of 4 hours of classroom training and either 4 hours of in-car training time with a licensed driving instructor or 24 hours of in-car training with a licensed driver.   The classroom training is completed in (1) four hour session,

The four hour in-car portion of the course is completed in (2) two hour driving sessions.  The driving sessions are held  7 days a week and may be started once the classroom portion of the course is completed.

Cone Rentals

Need a little extra practice with the maneuverability on your own at home?  NO PROBLEM!  Cross Roads Driver Training Center, LLC offers a cone rental service to it's current students!  For a $50 refundable deposit, you can rent five cones and guide poles for $15 a week!  Upon return of our equipment (in undamaged condition, of course) you will be refunded the deposit - that's all there is to it!